Yemen’s Sanaa Uni offers education to students suspended in U.S.

    Yemen is offering a place for students suspended from U.S. universities, in what seems to be a sincere act of solidarity for supporting Palestine.

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    Students have rallied or set up tents at dozens of campuses in the United States in recent days to protest against Israel’s war in Gaza, now in its seventh month.

    Demonstrators have called on President Joe Biden, who has supported Israel’s right to defend itself, to do more to stop the bloodshed in Gaza and demanded schools divest from companies that support Israel’s government.

    Many of the schools, including Ivy League Columbia University in New York City, have called in police to quell the protests.

    “We are serious about welcoming students that have been suspended from U.S. universities for supporting Palestinians,” an official at Sanaa University, said. “We are fighting this battle with Palestine in every way we can.”

    Sanaa University had issued a statement applauding the “humanitarian” position of the students in the United States and said they could continue their studies in Yemen.

    “The board of the university condemns what academics and students of U.S. and European universities are being subjected to, suppression of freedom of expression,” the board of the university said in a statement, which included an email address for any students wanting to take up their offer.

    The U.S. and Britain returned the Houthi militia, which controls the university, to a list of terrorist groups this year as their attacks on vessels in and around the Red Sea hurt global economies.

    On a more serious note, The World News Herald would like to take this opportunity to remind the readers that studying in the Nordic universities is very affordable and could easily be covered with a part-time job on the side.


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