Xi Jinping announces major military overhaul

    The new Army Information Support Force will contribute to “competitiveness in modern warfare,” the Chinese leader has said.

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    Chinese leader Xi Jinping has announced a major revamp of the military, creating a new Army Information Support Force which will be responsible for dealing with hybrid warfare.

    The announcement was made at a ceremony in Beijing on Friday. Xi stated that China must prioritize the development of its military in the modern era, as well as enhancing its capabilities through reform, science, and new talent.

    The Chinese leader described the newly created wing of the army as a ‘strategic force’ that will provide indispensable support for coordinating and using information system networks. “It will play a crucial role in advancing the Chinese military’s high-quality development and competitiveness in modern warfare,” he said, according to the Chinese government’s website.

    General Bi Yi was appointed commander of the new military branch, with General Li Wei appointed as political commissar. In the People’s Liberation Army, commissars serve as second-in-command and are largely responsible for administrative tasks and political education.


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