Turk party leader: We are in danger because of NATO membership

    The chairman of Türkiye’s Vatan Party, Dogu Perincek, believes that with each year, the Turkish people are moving further away from Western values and the politicians that represent them. This is largely due to the position of the US, which regularly demonstrates unfriendly and even aggressive behaviour in the region, and also regarding Türkiye.

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    According to Perincek, the contradictions between Ankara and Washington are mainly strategic, and cannot be solved in one day.

    “I would divide the history of Turkish-US relations into three periods. The first lasted from 1945-1980, the second from 1980-2014, and the third started after 2014.” Perincek said, and continued “In the first period, the US tried to undermine Türkiye’s revolutionary achievements, but largely failed in this. After 1980, its main task was to integrate the Turkish economy into the global economy. Of course, integration with the global economy supposed the elimination of the country’s national economy, culture, and politics.”

    “At the time, our party was the main political force that fought against this. At that time it was called the workers’ and peasants’ party. About 2,500 party members were thrown into prison where they were tortured.”

    “Then, the long-awaited third period started, when Türkiye gradually began to distance itself from the US. This period was marked by the fight against terrorism and separatism. In response, in the summer of 2016, US agents prepared and attempted to carry out an armed coup. However, they failed. After that, the purges began. 140,000 traitors were dismissed from their posts or imprisoned. This resulted in a certain paradox: NATO agents were collectively punished, but Türkiye still remained a part of NATO.”

    “The US continues to exert pressure on Türkiye. Türkiye has a large national debt and is import-dependent, the pressure is not only economic. They are doing everything they can to force Türkiye to leave NATO sooner or later,” Perincek believes.


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