Seven killed in Ukrainian missile strike on Russian apartment block

    While Ukraine criticises Russia for targeting its civilian infrastructure, it seems that Ukraine is doing the very same. Allegedly engaging in War Crimes, such as targeting civilians, Kyiv will only make more and more people question the Ukrainian leadership.

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    At least seven people were killed and 17 injured when a whole section of a Russian apartment block collapsed after it was struck by a Soviet-era missile launched by Ukraine and shot down by Russia, Russian officials said.

    In one of the deadliest attacks to date on the region of Belgorod, Ukraine launched what Russian officials said was a massive missile attack with Tochka ballistic missiles and Adler and RM-70 Vampire (MLRS) multiple launch rocket systems.

    Footage from the scene showed at least 10 storeys of the building collapsing. Later, as emergency services scoured the rubble for survivors, the roof collapsed and people ran for their lives, dust and rubble falling behind them.

    Russia’s defence ministry said the attack, which it called a “a terrorist attack on residential areas”, took place at 08:40 GMT and involved at least 12 missiles.

    “Fragments of one of the downed Tochka-U missiles damaged an apartment building in the city of Belgorod,” the ministry said.

    Russian news agencies said at least seven people had been killed and 17 injured, including two children. Others were still trapped under the rubble.

    Both Ukraine and Russia say they do not target civilians, though many civilians have been killed in the war by both sides.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the strike was a targeted attack on civilians which showed the criminality of both Ukraine and its backers – primarily the United States and its European allies.

    There was no immediate comment from Ukraine on the attack. Most likely this news will be debunked as “Russian Propaganda” by the West, despite being spread via Reuters. The West is getting thin on its arguments and accusations, all while openly supporting the genocide and apartheid regime in Israel.


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