Last edit: 3. May 2024

    An Impressum is a mandatory notice on a website or publication that provides its ownership details, contact information, and other legally required information, such as the responsible editor and company registration details.

    The World News Herald

    Publication Name: The World News Herald (
    Publisher: Lausas Group
    Business ID: FI28178636
    Responsible: Victor A. Lausas

    About Us

    The World News Herald (hereinafter as “WNH”) is a Finnish news service that provides a comprehensive range of current news, articles, and analyses from around the world. We strive to bring our readers reliable and balanced information on a variety of topics, whether it concerns domestic or global affairs.

    Editorial Team

    Editor in Chief: Victor A. Lausas

    Stakeholders and Funding

    WNH does not have existing agreements with third parties which influence the publication’s content.

    WNH does not receive any external funding.

    Lausas Group is a Finnish private sole proprietorship that does not have any existing agreements or external funding of the kind mentioned above.

    Lausas Group is owned by Victor A. Lausas.

    It is possible that paid advertisements may be published on WNH in the future. It is also possible that WNH or its owner, Lausas Group, may receive external funding in the future. These advertisements and any associated advertising agreements, as well as any potential funding conditions, will only be approved if they guarantee WNH’s absolute journalistic independence. WNH reserves the right to accept or reject any potential advertisements and/or advertisers and/or funders at its own discretion, without the need for any justification.


    All content published on the website, including, but not limited to, articles, images, audio, and videos, is the property of WNH’s owner, Lausas Group, unless otherwise stated. Such statements are primarily found in source references located next to articles and in the names of copyright holders and/or their representatives associated with images.

    The use and distribution of WNH’s original content without proper attribution to the author and source is strictly prohibited  without prior written permission from the author. Sharing articles on social media is permitted provided they include a functioning and appropriate link to the original article.

    Privacy Policy

    You can also find our privacy policy on our website.

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