Hamas ready to reach ‘full agreement’ with Israel

    Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas operating in Gaza has released a statement on its Telegram channel stating that they "are ready to reach a full agreement that includes a comprehensive exchange deal."

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    “We informed the mediators today of our clear position that if the occupation stops its war and aggression against our people in Gaza, we are ready to reach a full agreement that includes a comprehensive exchange deal”, a statement from the group, published on its Telegram channel, reads.

    Hamas has long maintained that Israel ending its war on the Gaza Strip is a necessary condition for any further negotiation on an exchange of Israeli captives held in Gaza for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

    “We showed flexibility and positivity with the efforts of the mediators over the previous rounds of negotiations, leading to the announcement of the approval of the mediators’ proposal on May 6,” the statement continues, referring to when, earlier this month, Hamas announced that it had agreed to a ceasefire proposal put forward by mediators Qatar and Egypt.

    Israel promptly rejected this advance from Hamas, and then on May 7 began its long-feared offensive on the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

    Israel “responded to our positive position by invading the city of Rafah and occupying the crossing, and provided remarks leading to the disruption of the mediators’ efforts”, Hamas alleges in its statement.


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