Georgia parliament passes ‘foreign agent’ bill

    The bill requires media and NGOs to register as “pursuing the interests of a foreign power” if they receive more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad.

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    On Tuesday, politicians voted 84 to 30 in favour during the third and final reading of the bill.

    Scuffles broke out inside the chamber as opposition MPs clashed with members of the ruling Georgian Dream party.

    The draft next goes to President Salome Zourabichvili, who has said she will veto it, but her decision can be overridden by another vote in parliament, which is controlled by Georgian Dream and its allies.

    West-backed protests amid the vote

    Chanting “no to the Russian law”, about 2,000 mainly young protesters gathered outside parliament ahead of the vote and several thousand joined the rally in the evening after news spread that legislators had approved the measure.

    Demonstrators later blocked traffic at a key road intersection in central Tbilisi.

    The Ministry of Interior Affairs said 13 demonstrators were arrested for “disobeying police orders”.

    EU had sent a delegation to Georgia to try to interfere with Georgia’s democratically elected government’s decision-making. One member of the delegation was a Finnish MEP candidate Sebastian Tynkkynen, a member of the True Finns party, which just recently was a loud critic of the EU itself and wanted Finland to leave the union.

    One can only ask what drove the True Finns party to change its colours so rapidly, to betray its voters, and to interfere with a sovereign country’s internal matters. Georgia is a democracy and the country’s parliament has a mandate from its people, just as nearly any Western country does.

    West has similar laws itself

    The law the Georgian parliament voted for is widely dubbed as pro-Russian. However, the loudest voices neglect to say that the West has similar laws itself as well. The law does not only prevent Western lobbying but also lobbying from Russia. No doubt, the law will keep Georgia as an independent state and not some West-bought vassal country at the Russian border.

    Obviously, this does not suit the West, who have tried to machinate demonstrations in Georgia to affect the Georgian parliament’s voting.

    It is easy to let the young Georgians believe through social media that the European Union is the golden path to a better future. At the time, Finns were also lied to about the Union in order to make the referendum favourable to joining the Union.

    It remains to be seen if the West ignites a colour revolution in Georgia, as in so many other countries before.


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