FBI opens criminal probe into deadly Baltimore bridge collapse

    The FBI is investigating the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, caused by the cargo ship Dali crashing into it last month, resulting in six deaths. They have boarded the ship, and inquiries include probing whether the crew knew about the ship's malfunctions.

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    The FBI has opened a federal criminal investigation into the deadly collapse of a Baltimore bridge last month when a ship crashed into one of its supports, the bureau said on Monday.

    FBI agents had boarded the cargo ship Dali to conduct court-authorized law enforcement activity regarding the crash, a spokesperson told Reuters.

    There is no other public information available, and the FBI will have no further comment, the spokesperson said.

    In the early morning of March 26, the massive container ship lost power and crashed into a support pylon, sending the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsing into the Patapsco River and killing six people who were working on the span at the time of the crash.

    The investigation into the collapse will focus in part on whether the crew of the cargo vessel Dali left the port knowing the freighter had serious problems with its systems, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

    Safety investigators have recovered the ship’s “black box” recorder, which provides data on its position, speed, heading, radar, bridge audio and radio communications, as well as alarms.

    The head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board separately told Congress last week that its investigators had interviewed key cargo ship personnel as part of its probe.

    Work to clear the wreckage and restore traffic through the port’s shipping channel continues.


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