Colombia urges UN to send peacekeeping forces to Gaza

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro has called upon the United Nations to deploy peacekeeping forces to Gaza, emphasising that it is the only viable solution for the region.

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    In a statement shared on X platform, President Petro pledged Colombia’s participation in these peacekeeping efforts.

    He reiterated his solidarity with Palestine and denounced the devastating violence occurring in the city of Rafah. Following Colombia’s decision to sever diplomatic ties with Israel on May 3, due to the ongoing attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, President Petro’s appeal for peacekeeping forces underscores the urgency of the situation.

    Despite international calls for cessation of hostilities, Israel continued its assaults, resulting in the deaths of 73 displaced individuals within 48 hours in Rafah. These attacks persist despite the recent ruling by the International Court of Justice, supported by 13 members, urging Israel to halt its actions, ensure access for humanitarian aid, and provide a report on compliance within a month.


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